Music Production

We are fully equipped to meet the demands of today’s studio clientele with professional quality digital recordings and treated acoustics supported by high-end recording equipment & music instruments.

Our experienced team has spent over 10 years in the industry utilizing the best vintage and modern analogue hardware such as preamps, EQs and compressors in our work. In this digital age, we also made use of top-of-the-line plugins to further propel the quality of our work forward. We have the skills, expertise and passion to take your tracks and creatively mix them into an unforgettable experience.

Film Scoring

All of the visual movements in a scene (walking, hand gestures, head turns, transitions, etc) contribute to a rhythmic pattern. We tap into this pattern and translate it into a tempo map for each cue. Approaching the sounds and music through this perspective allows the film director total freedom to be creative in the story telling.

Our talented team comprises of Composers, Orchestrators, Music Supervisors, and Music Editors or Technical Production Workers with the right skills and knowledge to contribute to the film and television industry.

Audio-visual Corporate Videos

Production is an art form which combines both talent and technology to orchestrate the creative vision of multimedia projects. We assist our clients in achieving the desired soundscape and look-and-feel for modern production requirements so that their audience can be entertained both visually and aurally.

With years of broadcast experience and a creative flair, our prestigious partners are responsible for shooting the raw footage needed for stunning videos, managing equipment, sourcing talents, and most importantly, post-production work, of which all go hand-in-hand to make sure that we have all we need to enable our clients to put their best face forward.

TV Commercial Advertisements & Jingles

A US study has shown that 18.6% of the songs that get stuck in people’s heads are advertising jingles. That’s the power of these musical hooks. Well-produced radio commercial jingles can hold a brand firmly in the listener’s mind, unite an entire campaign and enhance brand perception and loyalty.

At Broo Productions we know how to create radio jingles that are catchy and distinctive. If you’re seeking a memorable audio hook for your campaign, we can collaborate with you to create radio jingles that match your specific brief, brand image and requirements.

Audio Post Production

We specialize in HD broadcast quality mixing for feature length films, documentaries, independent films, TV programs, spots, promos and multimedia content. Audio Post Services include VO & Narrations, Dialog, Sound Effects & Music Editing, Sound Design, Foley with Pit and Remote/Location Recording Services.

We offer cost effective solutions for long format dialog editing, project sweetening, noise reduction & enhancement for broadcast, in-house productions, theatrical presentations and interactive programs, as well as web-based media.

Events & Functions

Paper Crane is a KL-based one-of-a-kind band and is also one of the most respected names in the industry. Although still “underground” in many respects, the band earned high praise from critical stalwarts like 8TV, ASTRO, ONFM, as well as some of the country’s most respected musicians.

We offer a variety of packages to bring to you the best music we can offer. We won’t confuse you with a quote you don’t understand. We’ll walk you through the process to figure out what’s best.

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